Dear God,
I’m taking this time to pray
For a friend, a lover, a perfection
She’s been so far away lately
She used to love you a lot
But now not so much
I try to let her know your purpose for her
But she’s sick of life and doesn’t wanna hear it
She tired of the struggle and how she can’t deal
Last time we conversed,
She said she tries to pray sometimes
And read the 66 love letter you wrote her
But she still feels indifferent
She has friends and family who care for her
As much as you do, but yet her faith is slowly quenched
She complains about everything
Questioning your love for her
Asking if you’re really there.
Lord! If she can’t talk to you
Please hear from me; she needs you now more than ever
Pleas help her!
And lord, in truth, the friend I’m praying for
Is really ME.