Once friends,
Still friends,
Now more than friends.
I know I’ve been that girl
Who didn’t treat you well
Made your life a living hell
At first; I was mean to you
Didn’t care much about you
Intentionally not fair to you.

It was all so obvious the pain
You felt like your words were vain
You suffered for my past stain
The way I pushed you away
Waiting for you to breakaway
Suprised you didn’t give up the next day
You thought of me as difficult and proud
Although still different from the crowd
Indeed I made everything so hard.

Time now past and I’ve changed
My hate, insecurities, hurt; all drained
My heart now less strained
You’ve been here in those sticky situations
When I was done and out and full of frustrations
You never ran out of options

When I was broken,
You mended with words spoken
You now complete me
Bringing out another side of me
A side I never even thought was in me.

I’ve learned that we’re all so weak
And its okay to breakdown and weep
But it has taken YOU to make me less weak
Simply amazing
With flaws but still stunning
With a heart that’s ever blazing.
I love you!