Born of such
Made with that unique touch
A golden egg from that goose
Guileful, blithe, edgy or loose
Grace of a goddess
Benevolence; man’s weakness
Ally to courage
Words to constantly encourage
As brittle as thin glass, full of power
As velvety as cheeks of a newborn, scented like a flower,
Magical, scholarly, sensual
Faithless or religious
The reason pleasure was created
The sweetest fruit you ever tasted
Raven, ivory, cherry red
All so wonderfully made like colorful interwoven thread
God’s last born baby
His very own favorite maybe

Mind of a god
More twisted than a cord
Naked to pain and filth
Not an inch free of guilt
The good, the bad and the bad
So different like each unique ballad
As an angel to be treated
Or not, you might be dead
Heart ripped apart,
You would wish of her, you were never a part.
Could be the light in your dark tunnel
Of the reason you’re there. Ring a bell?
Confused, outlandish, exasperating, a brute
Lousy, a snob, nagging, depraved but still cute
Could be devious if hurt
Could be the best thing if cared for even if its curt.

Wants to be loved, cared for, adored
Like a duchess protected, cherished, reassured
Like a bird, wants to be free to sail in the wild
Not incarcerated, fortified, voyage starved or done like a child
Just a free spirit seeking those waiting arms
Searching for he who is full of charms
Lips like claret
Could intoxicate or make you her bet
Body of a mermaid
Perceptibly not man made,
The only reason man was made
If in doubt, might as well dig your grave
Antidote to man’s insanity
When lost, prepare to face gravity
Amazing in and out
No matter the shape, size makeup or without.
Whoever or however she is; in full
She is ME and the only reason why life is beautiful.