Is the girl you do not see
The voice you do now hear
The thoughts you cannot think
The mind you dare not understand
The life you do not dream of
The imaginations you cannot imagine
The heart you do not see broken
The frown behind this crooked smile
The sadness and gloom in this girls being
The ideas you may never acknowledge
The talent you may never notice
The dreams of someone lost on earth
The imperfections of a total human
The guts of a nobody
The spirit of a wild freak
The religion of a faithless me
The reality in my feelings
The plan of a confused me
The fear of the unknown you just might never see
The fame of an ordinary girl
The world of someone self made
The sexuality twisted
The shadow of the best things in life
The sanity of a madman or a girl like me
The soul of an empty vessel
The depth of dread for life
The shallowness in understanding it
The powerless god
The free will of a will less girl
What lies beneath Is the ME in you
No one will ever understand.