I write on this sand,
The memories that left me without a sound
Happy beginnings and cold endings
Brought to me like fiery tidings
My joy lost to this winter breeze
All feelings of which could freeze
Now frozen like Ice
Too blind to even see with mine own eyes.
I’ve sort redemption here and there
For this weak spirit everywhere.

My love, my heart, my happiness
The blood in my veins, such kindness
My treasure, my gem, my Ego
My laughter, my jewel, my virgo
Never have i loved another more than self
Nor given mind and soul even wealth.
Perfection that was mine for keeps
My sun, my star, my bliss
Amazing essence in flesh
Like flowers in spring, so fresh

But she came and took you away
Like chaff you were blown away
You left suddenly with no goodbyes said
Gone like blood, bled
Neither illness nor weakness stood a chance
She came with full stance
Like a dream, I prayed I’d wake up
And see you right beside me
But sweet Ol’ death took my heart,
My happiness, my joy and gave me sweet savage hurt.

Now I’m lifeless, no heart beating within this soul
I wish you back to me, given back what she stole
But no I’m only dreaming
In bitterness I’m now swimming
Dread and hate now my soulmates
Serving me pain with no plates
I have accepted my fate
And pray I survive this hate
But u’ll always be my sunshine
Even now that’s you’re gone, in my heart you shine.